Pancakes with vegetables (savory)

Pancakes! Who doesn’t love them? Ok, there are some who don’t like them in the sweet version … such as my husband! Our Junior loves the sweet version but meanwhile he loves the savory one, too 😉 Well, I thought that day, then I do for Junior the sweet version and for my husband and me the savory one! 😉 And that was the result! Wonderful isn’t it? And they taste so great! Make them, and you even can eat them cold. So perfect for the summer if you’re going to the beach or making picnics!

Pancakes with vegetables

Pancakes with vegetables (savory)


Serves: 6 pieces
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Total time: About 50 minutes





Bell peppers 2
Potatoes 2
Eggs 2
Flour 120 g
Milk 120 ml
Baking powder 1 ½ tsp.
Salt A pinch
Grated Parmesan 1 tablespoon
Vegetable oil for frying




1. Wash the bell pepper, remove seeds and cut into strips. Peel the potatoes and cut into thin slices.

2. In a bowl, whisk the eggs with the flour, add the milk and whisk until you have a creamy mixture. Add a pinch of salt, stir in the grated Parmesan cheese and the baking powder. Let rest for about 10 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, heat up some oil in a frying pan and sauté the bell peppers for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool in a bowl.

4. In the same frying pan, add a little oil again and fry the potato slices from both sides until tender. Remove from heat and let cool separately.

5. Now it’s time to make the delicious pancakes. In a pan heat a little oil, add a little pepper and potato slices, then by using a trowel give some pancakes mixture over it and let fry from each side for about 2 minutes. Proceed like that until the mixture is used up.

Serve these delicious pancakes with vegetables with a fresh salad and a roasted bread (bruschetta)!


Pancakes! A chi non piacciono? Ok, ci sono alcuni che non amano tanto la versione dolce , cosí come mio marito! Junior invece gli piacciono tantissimo fatte in versione dolce, anche se ormai mangia volentieri anche questa versione. Beh, quel giorno ho pensato di fare la versione dolche per Junior e per me e mio marito ho fatto la versione un pó piú sfiziosa! Ed ecco il risultato! Si puó far vedere, vero? Ma la cosa piú importante é che sono molto saporite! E sapete cosa, sono buonissime anche fredde! Quindi perfette per portare a un picnic, oppure adesso che si inizia andare al mare! Oppure fatele e lasciatele pronte, per quande rientrate!


Pancakes sfiziosi



Porzioni: 6 pezzi
Tempo di prepararazione: 15 minuti
Tempo totale: In circa 50 minuti


Peperoni 2
Patate 2
Uova 2
Farina 120 g
Latte 120 ml
Lievito per dolci 1 ½ cucchiaino
Sale Un pizzico
Parmiggiano grattuggiato 1 cucchiaio
Olio di semi per friggere q. b.


1. Lavare i peperoni, togliere i semi e tagliare a listarelle. Sbucciare le patate e tagliare a fettine sottili.

2. Ora in una ciotola mettere 2 uova e unire la farina. Mescolare bene, aggiungere il latte e girare finché ad ottenere un impasto cremoso. Aggiungere il parmiggiano, un pizzico di sale e il lievito per dolci. Date ancora una bella mescolata e lasciare riposare per incirca 10 minuti.

3. Nel frattempo mettere a riscaldare un pó di olio in una padella e fare saltare i peperoni per 5 minuti. Togliere dal fuoco e lasciare raffreddare in una ciotola.

4. Nella stessa padella aggiungere ancora dell’olio e friggere le patate da entrambi i lati, finché saranno cotte. Mettere a parte e far raffreddare.

5. Adesso fare riscaldare un pó di olio nella padella, aggiungere una manciata di peperoni e patate e con un mestolo adagiate l’ impasto dei pancakes. Un mestolo é una porzione. Fatele cuocere incirca 2 minuti per ogni lato. Procedete cosí finché non avete piú impasto.

Servite questi deliziosi pancakes sfiziosi insieme a una bella insalatina e una bella bruschetta!

Pfannkuchen! Wer liebt sie nicht? Ok, es gibt manche, die mögen sie nicht so wirklich in der süßen Variante…wie z. B. mein Mann! Unser Junior liebt sie in der süßen Version! 😉 Also gut, dachte ich mir an diesem Tag, dann mache ich für Junior die süße Variante und für meinen Mann und mir die würzige Variante! 😉 Und das war das Resultat! Läßt sich doch sehen oder? Und wichtig ist: Es hat super geschmeckt! Sind kalt auch ganz köstlich! 😉 Aber probiert diese doch einfach selbst! 😉 ❤


Würzige Pfannkuchen


Portionen: 6 Stück
Vorbereitungszeit: 15 Minuten
Gesamtzeit: ca. 50 Minuten





Paprika 2
Kartoffeln 2
Eier 2
Mehl 120 g
Milch 120 ml
Backpulver 1 ½ TL
Salz Eine Prise
Geriebenen Parmesan 1 EL
Pflanzenöl zum Braten




1. Die Paprika waschen, entkernen und in Streifen schneiden. Die Kartoffeln schälen und in dünne Scheiben schneiden.

2. In einer Schüssel die Eier mit dem Mehl verquirlen, die Milch hinzufügen und so lange rühren bis eine cremige Mischung entsteht. Eine Prise Salz, den geriebenen Parmesan und den Backpulver unterrühren. Die Mischung für ca. 10 Minuten ruhen lassen.

3. Währenddessen etwas Öl in einer Pfanne erwärmen und die Paprikastreifen darin ca. 5 Minuten anbraten. Vom Herd nehmen und in einer Schüssel abkühlen lassen.

4. In der gleichen Pfanne nochmals etwas Öl in der Pfanne erwärmen und die Kartoffelscheiben von beiden Seiten anbraten bis die Kartoffeln gar sind. Vom Herd nehmen und separat abkühlen lassen.

5. Nun können die Pancakes zubereitet werden. Dafür wieder in einer Pfanne etwas Öl erwärmen, etwas Paprika und Kartoffelscheiben hinzugeben und mithilfe einer Kelle die Pfannkuchenmasse dazugeben und ausbraten. Jeder Pfannkuchen von jeder Seite ca. 2 Minuten ausbacken. So verfahren bis die Masse aufgebraucht ist.


Diese leckeren würzigen Pancakes mit einem leckeren Salat und einer Bruschetta servieren!


Buon Appetito!


11 thoughts on “Pancakes with vegetables (savory)

  1. I love pancakes, and most of the time I don’t like them overly sweet. Sometimes I will top them with fruit but rarely do I use maple syrup. I never thought about adding vegetables potatoes or even meat to my pancakes. This would be an entire meal in one. Since I’m gluten-free, a lot of times I make extra pancakes and use them for bread on a sandwich. I’ll mix part pancake mix and part cornbread mix to get a nice flavor and texture. But this is perfect I could have my sandwich inside my pancake. I never thought of that. You are brilliant.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe at the #RecipeSharingParty! I hope to see you next week. Pinned and Yummed. Please visit #OverTheMoon on Sunday or #ThursdayFavoriteThings for more sharing fun! Don’t forget to Comment your link #’s so I can be sure to visit and you get a chance to be featured!

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