Homemade pizza with “cheesy” crust

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Hey ho!! It’s pizza Friday! And I’ve never tried this before, but I did! I filled the crust of the pizza with vegan “cheese”!! Yeah!

Pizza cheesy crust |Ingredients: flour, dry yeast, salt, water, oil, tomatoes, cheese, cream cheese | Easy homemade recipe, quick and the ground dough is vegan, exchange the diary cheese with no dairy cheese and you have the vegan one!

We think that the result was amazing!! I’ve used creamy cheese for the crust filling, but you can try whatever you want! 😉 And it is really very easy to make!

Pizza cheesy crust - The Making of -

Believe me, you have to try this one, if you love “cheesy” crust!


Cheesy crust pizza

  • Servings: 2 round pizzas
  • Difficulty: quite easy
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  • 400 gr. flour
  • 1 sachet of dried yeast
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 250 ml lukewarm water
  • 3 tbsp tomato puree
  • 2 tablespoons creamy “cheese” of your choice (for example: vegan gourmet cream cheese)
  • 100 g shredded vegan “cheese” (for example: vegan gourmet shreds mozzarella)


  1. Preheat oven to 250 ° C.
  2. Combine in a big bowl the flour, yeast and salt and stir well. Add the water and stir slowly until you have a dough, which is not too sticky. If it so, add a little flour.
  3. Let it rest for about 10 minutes.
  4. When the dough has rested, put on a floured surface and knead a little and roll into a round shape.
  5. Place in a round form and spread at the edge round and round some creamy cheese. Fold the edge and seal with your fingertips.
  6. Sprinkle with the tomato puree and top with cheese.
  7. Bake for about 20 minutes in preheated oven.

Recipe from: www.emmiscookin.com


Cheesy crust pizza | Ingredients: flour, dry yeast, salt, olive oil, water, tomatoes, cheese, cream cheese | Easy homemade pizza recipe with cheesy crust | Skip diary with no diary and you have a vegan pizza!

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