Last minute Christmas menu – easy and stressless


HeyHo ho ho, my dear readers!

We are just one week before Christmas!! What?? Are you all prepared, have you all things fixed? Do you know, what you want to serve to your family and guests?

Last Minute Christmas Menu - easy and stressless! Easy inspirations for a stressless Christmas menue!

If not, and you don’t have a clue, here are some last minute delicious inspirations for a Christmas menu! And the best of all, you can find here easy to make recipes, so that you can handle your Christmas really stressless!!

That’s fantastic, isn’t it?


Maybe your menu could look like this!


Emmi's Christmas menue Inspiration



And here are some other delicious easy inspirations!


Bread salad with tomatoes

Bread salad with tomatoes | Easy traditional Neapolitan dish with roasted bread, tomatoes, onions combined with delicious olive oil! And you have a delicious salad, perfect as appetiser!











Garden lasagna

Garden Lasagna | Ingredients: Courgettes, vegetables | Recipe with vegan modification |Vegetarian |Easy recipe











Caprese sticks (skewers), easy snack and appetiser

Caprese sticks! Super snack for kids ! Easy, light, delicious!












Easy, creamy dip with cottage cheese feta and olives

Easy dip with cottage cheese, feta and olives | Ingredients: low fat cottage cheese, feta, green olives, olive oil, garlic | Quick and easy dip to serve with vegetarian patties or with homemade bread! Easy and quick recipe!












with homemade loaves of bread and focaccias

Focaccia with tomatoes

Italian focaccia bread with tomatoes |Ingredients: flour, yeast, water and salt, olive oil, tomatoes | Easy recipe for a delicious focaccia bread like it is served in Italy! Serve this delicious flatbread as a starter with ham (prosciutto), olives, grilled vegetables. Perfect!











Focaccia with olives

Focaccia Olives
















Homemade: Quick whole wheat bread

Homemade quick whole wheat bread! Easy and quick recipe! Perfect for sandwiches and for any occasion!











Quick homemade spelt bread

Quick homemade spelt bread









Quick homemade bread with onions

Homemade: Quick bread with onions | Easy and quick recipe for a savory and delicious bread, with onions! This bread is a common recipe here in Germany! Only a few ingredients, like flour, water, yeast, salt and fried onions and there you are! You can serve this bread at any occasion!











Lasagne with ham and peas

Lasagne with ham and peas ! Perfect Sunday lunch with your family! It's easy to make with simple ingredients: butter, milk, flour, peas, ham and lasagne sheets, parmesan! That's all! It's a perfect dish to prepare a day before so you don't have to be a long time in your kitchen on Sunday! Perfect, isn't it?













Round meat pie, easy to make

Round savory meatloaf | If you love meatloaf, you'll love this easy recipe with ground beef, bell peppers, mozzarella cheese! Perfect dish for the whole family!











Turkey roast in white wine

Pulled turkey Italian style! You don't need a crock pot, no grill, only a pot, carrots, onions, olive oil, vegetable stock, white wine and a little cooking time! And then you have a savory turkey roast made in a pot! A sort of pulled turkey! This sort of roast is a recipe from Northern Italy! Perfect for any occasion!











Pork roast in white balsamic vinegar

Pork roast in white balsamic vinegar| This is an easy delicious recipe how to make a pork roast in a pot! Never tried it? Well, it's very simple and the twist is to use white balsamic vinegar instead of white wine! Easy recipe!











Beef rolls in balsamic vinegar sauce

Beef rolls in balsamic vinegar! | A delicious slow cooked dish in one pot! Ingredients: beef roulades, pickled cucembers, bacon, onions, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. These rolls are perfect when you have guests around at your house and you'd like to serve something different! Here you are with this easy recipe which will impress your guests!












Potatoes salad with cornichons

Potatoes salad with cornichons | This a very simple potatoe salad with only a few ingredients! Potatoes, onions, cornichons, olive oil, some herbs! That's it! A perfect side dish for any occasion!











Potatoes casserole with green beans

Potatoes casserole with green beans! An easy and frugal recipe perfect for weeknight dinners! Try this creamy and delicious casserole and let me know! Ingredients: potatoes, green beans, sausages, bechamel sauce, onion, cheese! Absolutely easy to make!











Sauteed peas

Sauteed peas! A perfect side dish! Simple ingredients match full flavour! Peas, onions, ham, olive oil! That's it! Easy recipe! Serve this delicious dish with a delicious roast of your choice!











Brussels sprouts and green beans salad

Salad: Brussel sprouts and green beans| This in an inspiration for a perfect side dish which you can make in any occasion! Only a few ingredients like brussel sprouts and green beans, herbs and oil! Easy and quick recipe!











Potatoes and broccoli salad

Potatoes and broccoli salad | Perfect side dish for weeknight dinners! Combine potatoes and broccoli with Italian herbs seasoning, delicious olive oil and it's done! Quick and easy recipe!












Torta Caprese

World's best torta caprese | Traditional cake from the isle of Capri! A cake full of tradition and a background story! Dive in into history and make this delicious chocolate cake! Easy traditional Italian recipe! Perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving!












Fruit salad

Fruits salad |Ingredients: a variation of fruits, lemon juice - A perfect refreshing dessert, an easy and quick vegan recipe











Tiramisu cake

Tiramisu cake | A delicious Italian dessert from the spoon! I've made here my interpretation of this traditional Italian dessert! Here I haven't included eggs, it's absolutely eggfree, with cream cheese and yogurt and lady fingers! Perfect for any occasion! I bet your guests will love this!











So these are my suggestions for a last minute Christmas menu, easy and stressless!

I hope that I could give you some inspirations and that you don’t get in panic for your holidays! Keep cool! 😉

Thank you for beeing here with me!

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