Christmas at the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy

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Weihnachten an der Amalfi-Küste im Süden Italiens

Hello, my dear readers!

We are in the week before Christmas and everyone is busy shopping and preparing for the Christmas party! A hectic time for some, but don’t forget to come on rest!

I would like to take you on a trip that I made two years ago at Christmas!  I’ve visited my parents who live on the Amalfi Coast (Agerola), this time not in the summertime but at Christmas!

Maybe it’s hard to believe but at this time of the year, the temperatures are not so cold.  For us who come from Northern Germany, the temperatures are almost like in springtime!

A trip to the Amalfi coast is always worth it! But around the Christmas time, there is so much to discover.

Along the rocky coast, you will find handmade cribs, elaborated in the smallest details! As in Praiano, for example, you can find the Christmas village in the rock!

Presepe di Praiano nella roccia! Amalfi coast at Christmas time!

It is so fascinating how much work it is to build such an amazing Christmas village! Down to the smallest details, they’ve caught the characteristic of this beautiful coast and combined it with the biblical story in form of a Christmas village!

I think this is absolutely worth seeing!

Presepe di Praiano nella roccia! Amalfi coast at Christmas time!

Along the coast, you will find in nearly every niche a handmade Christmas village, which is very famous for this area and is an attraction.

This year, for example, there is a Christmas village made of sand in Salerno on the beach! Wow!

Presepe di sabbia Salerno! Fantastic Sand-Art in Salerno!

Unfortunately, I am not there this year! But what really exists in Salerno every year are the so-called “Luci d ‘Arte di Salerno – Luminaria”! Ornate illuminated objects, in a park and throughout the city! I’ve never seen anything like this before!

Here are really just a couple of impressions!

Luci d' arte Salerno 2014 natale-salerno-12 natale-salerno-9 natale-salerno-6 natale-salerno-7 natale-salerno-13 natale-salerno-11

And that really runs through the entire city and you can’t get out of the astonishment! Wonderful, isn’t it?   😉

So I think that a trip around the Christmas time to this wonderful coast is definitely worth it! Not only in the summertime, South Italy is beautiful! 😉

But also in winter, there are wonderful sunsets!

Sunset Salerno 2014

And there are penguins around Christmas time!

Natale Salerno 2014

Just beautiful!

So, I hope you’ve liked my little excursion in my homeland Southern Italy at the Christmas time!

And make it your motto: In peace lies the power! Remember! Stress is out!

Have a nice week before Christmas!




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