Wöchentlicher Menüplan #4 – Einfache und sparsame Idee für die ganze Familie

Menu settimanale #4  – Idee facili ed economiche per tutta la famiglia


After a wonderful weekend, it’s Monday again! And yes, it’s time for my weekly menu plan!! As always with easy recipes and delicious ideas for your family!

Weekly menu plan #4! Easy and frugal ideas for the family! Check all my inspirations for a weekly mealplan! It helps you to stay on your budget! Easy and delicious recipes for every day!

Weekly menu plan #4

  1. Monday
    Spaghetti with meatballs
  2. Tuesday
    Potato salad with warm spinach and oven baked feta and
    Grilled Mozzarella Caprese 
  3. Wednesday
    German Kale with sausage, traditional (Grünkohl mit Pinkel)
  4. Thursday
    Red lentils soup
  5. Friday
    Going out!! – Asia-Buffet! –
  6. Saturday
  7. Sunday
    Farfalle with creamy spinach sauce

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