Weekly menu plan #8 – Easy and frugal recipes for the family

Wöchentlicher Menüplan #8 – Einfache und sparsame Rezepte für die ganze Familie

Menu settimanale #8 – Ricette facili ed economiche per tutta la famiglia



New weekly menu plan #8 is out! Check it out with easy recipes inspirations for your family!

And what about you? Do you already know what to cook this week?

Let me inspire you!


Weekly meal plan #8! Easy and frugal ideas for the family! Check all my inspirations for a weekly mealplan! It helps you to stay on your budget! Easy and delicious recipes for every day!

Weekly menu plan #8

  1. Monday
    Potatoes pan with bell peppers and ground beef (new recipe)
  2. Tuesday
    Chickpea frittata Fantasia with salad
  3. Wednesday
    Cauliflower fritters with potatoes and salad (new recipe)
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Saturday
    Homemade wraps and taco salad (new)
  7. Sunday
    Spaghetti with Italian meat ragú Bolognese

Weekly menu plan from emmiscookinside.blog


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