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Glad to welcome you here on my little blog space EMMI’S COOKIN ‚SIDE.

My name is Emanuela and I’m a native Italian girl heading the 50’s!

I live in Northern Germany, I’m a wife to my wonderful man and mother of a young boy heading teen time!

I love music of any genre, I love to dance, I love to read and yes, of course, I love to cook and to create easy plant-based (vegan/vegetarian) recipes for every day!!

It’s been a few years ago where I started to blog about my plant-based life. After a short break, I’ve recognized that it’s the best for me and my family to live and to eat plant-based!

With my chronic illness Fibromyalgia is it affordable to make some changes in life such as what to eat.

But not only Fibromyalgia brought to me the awareness of changing my way of life but also the fact, that we eat too much meat in this world. And if we want to make a change for our world, for our children then it is the right moment. Think about it. 

Living a plant-based life must not be expensive and it doesn’t occur much! 

This is what I want to achieve with my blog: I want to show, how easy it is to cook plant-based dishes for every day and most of all for your family and kids!

So you’re welcome to join me on this journey!

All the recipes are written and translated by myself.

All the photos are taken by me! Here I am improving to get better at photographing!

Here are my recipes bundled:


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