White beans balls with feta - a perfect vegetarian main dish! Easy recipe!

White beans balls with tofu

White beans balls with tofu! Oven-baked and easy to make perfect for tomato sauces or curry bowls! Vegan

Pasta Sorrento - delicious dish from the Amalfi Coast - Easy and quick pasta dish with only a few ingredients: tomatoes, garlic, vegan mozzarella, pasta, basil, olive oil. Easy recipe!

Pasta Sorrento, a delicious dish from the Amalfi Coast

A traditional dish from the Amalfi-Coast in the vegan way!


Bruschetta with tomatoes á la Emmi

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier -   My lovely friends! Yesterday I've presented you the delicious meatballs with olives. As a recommendation, I give you this simple bruschetta as an accompaniment to the balls 😉 Bruschetta means: roasted, so it is toasted bread. Normally, Italian country bread is used for it,… Weiterlesen Bruschetta with tomatoes á la Emmi