Italian little flatbreads (Focaccine) in the pan! These delicious focaccine are the Italian answer to the hamburger buns! Simple ingredients are used in this easy recipe: flour, salt, baking powder, water, milk, a little oil. That's it. No baking, but made in a skillet! Try them for your next burger! Or as sandwiches! Perfect!

Italian little flatbreads (Focaccine) in the pan

Ricetta in Italiano In padella - Focaccine in padella Rezept in Deutsch Aus der Pfanne - Kleine Focaccias (Focaccine) in der Pfanne   Hello! Today I'd like to show you what was on my menu plan #6 on Saturday. We've had delicious Focaccine-Burger and I have for you these delicious Italian flatbreads (Focaccine) in the pan! This… Weiterlesen Italian little flatbreads (Focaccine) in the pan


Homemade quick bread

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier - This recipe of this homemade bread is really quite simple! If you think, that baking bread is complicated, then, believe me, it' s not! 😉 I personally prefer to cook then to bake, but if I have the opportunity to try easy baking recipes, then… Weiterlesen Homemade quick bread


Bruschetta with tomatoes á la Emmi

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier -   My lovely friends! Yesterday I've presented you the delicious meatballs with olives. As a recommendation, I give you this simple bruschetta as an accompaniment to the balls 😉 Bruschetta means: roasted, so it is toasted bread. Normally, Italian country bread is used for it,… Weiterlesen Bruschetta with tomatoes á la Emmi


Focaccia (Italian pizza bread) with olives

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier -   Last week on Wednesday I've had on the plan the delicious eggplants casserole Naples (Parmigiana). In addition, I have made a focaccia with olives, which I've made with my pizza dough.   I have incorporated green olives to the dough and this focaccia is… Weiterlesen Focaccia (Italian pizza bread) with olives

Homemade quick whole wheat bread! Easy and quick recipe! Perfect for sandwiches and for any occasion!

Whole wheat bread

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Fatto in casa: Pane integrale REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Hausgemacht: Weizenvollkornbrot   I did it again! I've baked a good homemade bread! This time it's a delicious whole wheat bread! It is rather a simple and fast recipe, which is doing right for me. This recipe has definitely the guarantee of… Weiterlesen Whole wheat bread

Quick homemade spelt bread | Do you love the smell of fresh baked bread? If it is so, then it's time to start to bake your own bread at home! With this easy and quick recipe it's very simple! Use this bread for breakfast or serve it with stews and soups! Ingredients: spelt flour, yeast, water, salt.

Quick spelt bread

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Pane svelto di farro fatto in casa REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Hausgemacht: Schnelles Dinkelvollkornbrot   You already know my quick homemade bread! Yes, my quick bread recipe! I was often asked if the quick bread can be made with other flours! And the answer is: Yes! Definitely! A quick delicious bread,… Weiterlesen Quick spelt bread