Bread casserole | You surely know the moment when you have so much bread leftovers and you don't know what to do. Well, I give you a delicious inspiration with this easy to make bread casserole with leftover bread. In less than 30 minutes you have a delicious dinner for your family! Bread, eggs, ham and cheese, that's all you need for this bread casserole! Try it and you'll never ever throw bread away! Easy and frugal recipe!

Delicious bread casserole, an easy to make and frugal dinner idea

Ricetta in Italiano Dal forno | Sformato di pane, una deliziosa cenetta economica Rezept in Deutsch Aus dem Ofen | Leckerer Brot-Auflauf, einfache und sparsame Idee für ein Abendessen     The holiday festivities are over and I'm sure that some of you have leftovers of any kind in the kitchen. Like me, I have … Continue reading Delicious bread casserole, an easy to make and frugal dinner idea

Stuffed bread rolls

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier -   Hello my dear friends! Are you always on the lookout for small smart snacks, too? Right now during the European Championship it is so important, I think! I want to miss anything and I don't want to stand in the kitchen for so long. … Continue reading Stuffed bread rolls

Homemade quick bread

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier - This recipe of this homemade bread is really quite simple! If you think, that baking bread is complicated, then, believe me, it' s not! 😉 I personally prefer to cook then to bake, but if I have the opportunity to try easy baking recipes, then … Continue reading Homemade quick bread

Bruschetta tomatoes

Bruschetta with tomatoes á la Emmi

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier -   My lovely friends! Yesterday I've presented you the delicious meatballs with olives. As a recommendation, I give you this simple bruschetta as an accompaniment to the balls 😉 Bruschetta means: roasted, so it is toasted bread. Normally, Italian country bread is used for it, … Continue reading Bruschetta with tomatoes á la Emmi

Focaccia (Italian pizza bread) with olives

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier -   Last week on Wednesday I've had on the plan the delicious eggplants casserole Naples (Parmigiana). In addition, I have made a focaccia with olives, which I've made with my pizza dough.   I have incorporated green olives to the dough and this focaccia is … Continue reading Focaccia (Italian pizza bread) with olives

Homemade quick whole wheat bread! Easy and quick recipe! Perfect for sandwiches and for any occasion!

Whole wheat bread

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Fatto in casa: Pane integrale REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Hausgemacht: Weizenvollkornbrot   I did it again! I've baked a good homemade bread! This time it's a delicious whole wheat bread! It is rather a simple and fast recipe, which is doing right for me. This recipe has definitely the guarantee of … Continue reading Whole wheat bread

Quick homemade spelt bread | Do you love the smell of fresh baked bread? If it is so, then it's time to start to bake your own bread at home! With this easy and quick recipe it's very simple! Use this bread for breakfast or serve it with stews and soups! Ingredients: spelt flour, yeast, water, salt.

Quick spelt bread

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Pane svelto di farro fatto in casa REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Hausgemacht: Schnelles Dinkelvollkornbrot   You already know my quick homemade bread! Yes, my quick bread recipe! I was often asked if the quick bread can be made with other flours! And the answer is: Yes! Definitely! A quick delicious bread, … Continue reading Quick spelt bread

Savory bread | Delicious tradition for southern Italy. Every Family has it's own recipe and here is mine! Savory bread filled with ham, mozzarella cheese! Perfect with soups and stews, or for parties and buffets! Try it! Easy and frugal recipe!

Savory bread

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Pagnotta saporita REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Leckeres würziges Brot   Emmi has baked! No, this time, no cakes or cookies anymore! This time, I have a savoury bread for you!   This sort of bread is a traditional way in South Italy! And this is my interpretation of it. So tasty! … Continue reading Savory bread