Delicious chickpea nuggets full of veggies! Perfect for your kids and perfect finger food. Easy recipe!

Chickpea Nuggets

Delicious chickpea nuggets full of veggies! Perfect for your kids and perfect finger food. Easy recipe!


Chickpeas and olives paté – vegan –

From the pot: Chickpeas and spinach stew | If you like chickpeas this is a perfect dish for you! Easy to make and absolutely comforting on cold winter days! Ingredients: chickpeas, spinach, carrots, olive oil, vegetable stock! It's an easy vegetarian dish for your family!

Chickpeas and spinach stew

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Nella pentola: Zuppa di ceci e spinaci REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Aus dem Topf: Kichererbsen-Spinat-Topf   Last week I've made a delicious and warming stew! The idea behind this recipe was, that I wanted to empty the freezer a little bit, (so there was still chickpeas and spinach). And then there [...]

Oven baked chickpeas frittata with red bell peppers | This is a perfect dish for weeknight dinners, it's easy and quick to make, you have a plate full of proteins without eating meat, no eggs required! Perfect, easy and healthy dish for your family!

Chickpea frittata with red bell peppers

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Frittata di ceci con peperoni rossi al forno REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Aus dem Ofen: Kichererbsen-Frittata mit roter Paprika   A great inspiration for you! This delicious oven baked frittata! But this frittata is made without eggs! Amazing, isn't it? 😉 It's perfect for those who don't like eggs or have [...]

Oven baked chickpeas balls with feta and bell peppers | Delicious oven baked chickpea balls! chickpeas, feta and bell peppers an easy and perfect vegetarian dish!

Chickpeas balls with feta and bell peppers

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Polpettine di ceci con feta e peperoni al forno REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Aus dem Ofen: Kichererbsen-Bällchen mit Feta und Paprika     Here is a recipe, which I developed a while ago! Yes, it is a vegetarian recipe and I have experimented again with legumes, in this case, chickpeas, which [...]

Chickpea frittatas Fantasia! This is the best way to make frittata or omeletts without eggs. Just the simple ingredient of chickpea flour, water, a little oil combined to delicious frittatas, adding potatoes, vegetables or onions you have delicious weeknight dinner!

Chickpea frittatas Fantasia

Rezept - Deutsch - Ricetta - Italiano -     Have you ever tried to make an omelette without eggs ?! Well, I tried to make them with chickpea flour and the result is really delicious and amazing!   I must say, they are really very good, are easy to prepare, economical, delicious, in fact, [...]