Colourful mixed salad with feta - Refreshing delicious recipe - Ingredients: iceberg salad, feta cheese, bell pepper, tomatoes, olives, italian herbs, olive oil. Easy recipe

Colourful mixed salad with feta

⇒Rezept - Deutsch ⇒Ricetta - Italiano   When spring and summer come along I love to make a delicious salad. This time I've made a colourful mixed salad with feta! A really refreshing delicious recipe with simple ingredients: iceberg salad, feta cheese, bell pepper, tomatoes, olives, Italian herbs, olive oil.  All combined in a big … Continue reading Colourful mixed salad with feta

Meatballs with olives! If you love minced meat, ground beef or ground chicken then this is absolutely a delicious recipe for you! Those meatballs have the certain twist by adding some green olives in it! Try them! Perfect for any occasion! Easy recipe!

Meatballs with olives

⇒ Rezept - Deutsch ⇒ Ricetta - Italiano     I'd like to share with you these delicious meatballs with olives! What do you think? I've added to the meatballs some chopped green olives which gave them the certain twist! I was inspired a little by a TV-show but mainly I've modified an Italian traditional … Continue reading Meatballs with olives