Lasagne with cheesy spinach sauce. An easy recipe for a delicious lasagne without meat. It's a great opportunity to make your kids eat some vegetables. I bet they will making this lasagne! With easy ingredients like spinach, fresh cheese, scamorza or other cheese of your choice. Easy and frugal recipe!

Lasagne con salsa cremosa di spinaci, una ricetta facile e deliziosa

Rezept in Deutsch Aus dem Ofen - Lasagne mit cremiger Spinatsoße, ein einfaches und leckeres Rezept Recipe in English From the oven - Lasagne with cheesy spinach sauce, an easy and delicious recipe     Come avrete di sicuro visto, ho iniziato una nuova rubrica sul blog. Vi ho presentato il mio primo menu settimanale [...]

Traditional Italian Lasagna | There are so many recipes for lasagna, but this one is the real traditional Italian Lasagna like you can eat in Northern Italy, where is the home of Lasagna! Simple ingredients combined with layers of egg pasta and a delicious easy bescamel sauce and meat ragu! Easy to make and a perfect dish for your family! Easy recipe!

Traditional Italian Lasagna

  ⇒ Rezept - Deutsch - ⇒ Ricetta - Italiano -   I know it is not a new recipe for you! Each of you has made Lasagna and each of you has his own recipe! But I would like to introduce you to the original traditional recipe of lasagna. The real lasagna is traditionally [...]

Lasagne with peas and ham

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Dal forno: Lasagne con piselli e prosciutto REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Aus dem Ofen: Lasagne mit Erbsen und Schinken   Weeks ago I've made again Lasagne for a delicious Sunday lunch. This time I' ve made  delicious lasagne with peas and ham. Today I give you my recipe with store bought [...]

Lasagne mit Erbsen und Schinken

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Dal forno: Lasagne con piselli e prosciutto RECIPE IN ENGLISH - From the oven: Lasagne with peas and ham   Vor einigen Wochen hatte ich mal wieder Lust, leckere Lasagne zu machen und habe mich entschieden eine Lasagne mit Erbsen und Schinken zu machen. Ich habe hier den Pasta-Teig selbst zubereitet und [...]

Lasagne con piselli e prosciutto

REZEPT IN DEUTSCH  - Aus dem Ofen: Lasagne mit Erbsen und Schinken RECIPE IN ENGLISH From the oven: Lasagne with ham and peas   Qualche Domenica fá ho avuto voglia di fare le lasagne ed ho deciso di fare un piatto di lasagne con piselli e prosciutto. Per questa volta dó per prima la ricetta semplice con la pasta [...]

Gemüse Lasagne, leckere vegetarische Alternative zu der traditionellen Lasagne. Leicht und voller Geschmack.

Gemüse Lasagne

⇒Italiano - clicca qui - ⇒English - click here -   Auch wenn jetzt Sommer ist, denkt man nicht unbedingt an Lasagne. Dennoch habe ich an einem verregneten Sonntag eine leichte Gemüse Lasagne gemacht. Quer durch den Sommergarten sozusagen. Und ich nehme auch gerne mal fertige Lasagne Platten. Dieses Mal habe ich diese von Barilla genommen „Emiliane“. [...]

Garden lasagne with delicious summer vegetables like zucchinis, eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes. Your family will love it! Easy recipe!

Garden Lasagna

⇒Italiano - clicca qui - ⇒Deutsch - klicke hier -   Although now is summer, you do not think necessarily of Lasagne. Nevertheless, I have made on a rainy Sunday a light garden lasagne with vegetables. Across the summer garden, so to speak. Sometimes I use store-bought Lasagna plates. This time, I've bought the Barilla [...]