Easy and light cherry cake | Ingredients: cherries preserved in own juice, flour, oil, sugar | This is an easy and quick recipe for a delicious cake! No eggs, no butter, perfect for vegans!

Easy cherry cake – vegan –

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier - Oh yeah!! Meanwhile, we have one of our favourite easy-to-make cakes around! And I want it to share it with you! Delicious easy peasy cake with cherries! This cake is easy and quick to make and although there are no eggs in use and even… Weiterlesen Easy cherry cake – vegan –


Lentils patties vegan

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier -   You all surely know lentils, isn't it? And certainly, many of you use them for delicious one-pot or used in salads delicious as well! I have made patties out of it. This is very common int the vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Maybe it sounds… Weiterlesen Lentils patties vegan