Fried potato salad with green asparagus. A simple and delicious side dish - Ingredients: potatoes, tomatoes, green asparagus, olive oil. Perfect for BBQ's. Easy recipe.

Fried potato salad with green asparagus

Fried potato salad with green asparagus. A simple and delicious side dish - Ingredients: potatoes, tomatoes, green asparagus, olive oil. Perfect for BBQ's. Easy recipe.

Potato bake with broccoli and feta! This is a delicious and skinny potato casserole which you can serve for dinner! Ingredients: potatoes, skinny bechamel sauce, feta, broccoli, a little oil. Easy recipe for every day!

Potato bake with broccoli and feta

⇒ Ricetta - Italiano - ⇒ Rezept - Deutsch -   Oh wow, it's already Thursday, can you believe it?!! 😉 I have here a new recipe from my new menu plan #7! A delicious potato bake with broccoli and feta! Such an easy dish and perfect for weeknight dinners! I've cut the potatoes into [...]

Stuffed potato cake! An easy recipe with simple ingredients: potatoes, flour, eggs, ham or sausages, mozzarella, grated parmesan, a little butter, salt and pepper! Combined to this delicious dish made in oven. Serve with a salad and you have a perfect weeknight dinner!

Stuffed potato cake, easy and delicious

Ricetta in Italiano Dal forno - Torta di patate ripiena Rezept in Deutsch Aus dem Ofen - Gefüllter Kartoffelkuchen   Hello! You have surely noticed that I try to present some new recipes from my kitchen when I make my weekly menu plans! So I suggest you this easy and delicious recipe of a stuffed potato [...]

Kartoffelsalat mit sauren Gürkchen! Ein einfach leckerer Salat mit nur wenigen Zutaten: Kartoffeln, rote Zwiebeln, saure Gürkchen, etwas Öl! Dieser Salat passt zu jeder Gelegenheit und ist im Nu gezaubert!

Potatoes salad with cornichons

Ricetta in Italiano Insalata di patate con cetriolini Rezept in Deutsch Kartoffelsalat mit sauren Gürkchen This is one of my favourite potatoes salads! Potatoes salad with cornichons! It's easy to make and I think the easy things are the most delicious, isn't it? Make this delicious, fresh potatoes salad with cornichons and serve it as [...]

Farmer’s breakfast (Bauernfrühstück)

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - In padella: Frittata del contadino REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Aus der Pfanne: Bauernfrühstück     This is one of our favourite dishes around! It's a traditional German recipe! This recipe is from the ancient German farmers made with ingredients that they had at hand. Simple ingredients like eggs, vegetables, potatoes, ham or meat [...]

Roasted vegetables with feta cheese| Easy recipe for a perfect weeknight dinner! All on one baking sheet! Ingredients: zucchini, bell pepper, potatoes, olives, feta cheese!

Roasted vegetables with feta

Italiano - clicca qui - Deutsch - klicke hier - Almost a classic dish! If you look around the web, there are so many ways to prepare this delicious dish. I love it, because it is so wonderfully simple, it is a quick dish for dinner, because you can slide it into the oven and [...]

Potato casserole Tex-Mex | This is a frugal recipe how to use leftovers in the kitchen! You have leftovers of chili con carne? Ok! Perfect, use it and make this dish! Easy recipe for a perfect weeknight dinner! Ingredients: Chili con carne leftovers, potatoes, cheese

Potatoes casserole Tex-Mex

Ricetta in Italiano Dal forno: Sformato di patate Tex-Mex Rezept in Deutsch Aus dem Ofen: Kartoffelauflauf Tex-Mex Here is a recipe made of leftovers! You have surely already noticed that I always try to use everything in my kitchen, even if there are small minimal leftovers, which I freeze. Then, when I am planning, I [...]

Kartoffelsalat mit grünen Bohnen! Einfach Kartoffeln, Tomaten, grüne Bohnen und Zwiebeln in eine Schüssel geben, Zwiebeln hinzu, Salz, Pfeffer und Olivenöl! Fertig ist dieser leckere und einfache Salat! Einfaches Rezept!

Potato salad with green beans and tomatoes

⇒ Rezept - Deutsch ⇒ Ricetta -Italiano   If you are in search for a perfect side dish, then this delicious potato salad with green beans and tomatoes is right here for you! This is such an easy and lovely salad which you have ready in less than 30 minutes. And the best, you don't [...]

Potatoes casserole with green beans! An easy and frugal recipe perfect for weeknight dinners! Try this creamy and delicious casserole and let me know! Ingredients: potatoes, green beans, sausages, bechamel sauce, onion, cheese! Absolutely easy to make!

Potatoes and green beans casserole

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Dal forno: Sformato di patate con fagiolini verdi REZEPT IN DEUTSCH - Aus dem Ofen: Kartoffelauflauf mit grünen Bohnen Do you like casseroles as much as we do? I love them in any variation and it's a perfect weeknight dinner. The idea for this delicious potatoes casserole was, to utilise the remaining [...]

Potato soup! A delicious, comforting soup! Perfect for weeknight dinners! Simple ingredients like potatoes, carrots, onions, bacon! Mashed and creamy! Your kids will love this soup! Easy recipe!

Potato soup

RICETTA IN ITALIANO - Nella pentola: Zuppa di patate REZEPT IN DEUTSCH Aus dem Topf: Kartoffelsuppe I have this delicious potato soup right from the pot for you! With ingredients that I had available in my kitchen. It is a super delicious creamy potato soup! In Italy, the potato soup is served with small pasta! [...]