Eggplants parmigiana Naples style

It’s Summer and it’s time for eggplants! Here is one of my favourite recipes! Check it out!
Es ist Sommer und es ist Auberginenzeit! Hier ist einer meiner Lieblingsgerichte! Ganz einfach und leicht! Warm und kalt ein Genuß! 😉


Rezept – Deutsch

Ricetta – Italiano

Finally, it’s time for eggplants! I am very happy about that because I love eggplants. My son thinks otherwise because he doesn’t like this sort of vegetable. However, I make them at least for me and my husband.

Today I have for you a traditional dish of Naples! A delicious eggplants parmigiana Naples style!

Eggplants parmigiana Napoli! Such a delicious traditional dish from Naples! If you love eggplants, delicious tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil then this casserole is absolutely for you! Really easy recipe!

This casserole has a tradition in my family because my Nonna (grandmother) has always made it and my mum still makes this dish with eggplants from her garden! I don’t tell you how good they are!

Well, I prepare parmigiana, too. Now there are several ways to prepare a parmigiana.

In many recipes, as well as in traditional Neapolitan cuisine, it is expected to coat the aubergines and fry them before using in the casserole. You can do so, too and it is certainly very…

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